By,Steve Robinson

Vacations have increasingly become hectic as travelers have tried to fill their trips with cultural immersion, adventure activities, mind expanding experiences, and other activities that often are not conducive with simple relaxation and enjoyment.

The following are tips from Lonely Planet as to how to plan a “do-nothing” vacation:

·      Select a destination that is beautiful and special, but has little to offer in the way of activities.

·      Leave all devices at home that allow you to access work from the road.  Even through laptops make great entertainment devices, they should not be brought on your trip if you can access work from them.  Instead bring an eBook reader, and if you absolutely must stay in touch with the office, a smartphone.

·      Do not pack fancy clothes.  You will not want to go somewhere fancy which requires a lot of fancy prep time and fancy behavior.  Any restaurant that will not seat you wearing a simple tee shirt is worth passing on.  Also, DO NOT pack those hiking boots.  This should be a trip with as little exertion expended as possible.

·      Your destination should have as many as possible of the following components/paraphernalia:  swimsuit weather, hammocks, body of water, decent food close-by, plenty of imaginative cocktails, a view more impressive than most TV showsFind Article, and a large variety of ready material.

·      The following are words to be avoided on your relaxing vacation:

What time is it?





Work out

Too much

Too late

Too early to drink

Too fattening

Too drunk

Too naked

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